Who We Are

JPNAP stories

As a pioneer of IX services in Japan, JPNAP has played a crucial role in the infrastructure supporting the development of the Internet in Japan since its early days. Here is a sneak peek into the story of relentless pursuit of technology and trial and error behind it all.


What is IX? "River Flow" or "Matchmaking"?

JPNAP's website uses a river as its motif. Streams from various sources merge, becoming thicker and gathering in one place before branching out with increasing vigor to flow into daily lives. This metaphor is symbolic of how JPNAP visualizes the data flow it handles. Rivers might sometimes have unpredictable movements, but overall, they form a natural course suitable for their terrain. The same applies to the internet realm, where engineers worldwide have, through trial and error, developed a system that eventually aligns with logic and reason. The internet, like Earth, is not in its final form and will continue to evolve. Rivers shape lands, change the world, and forge futures; JPNAP aspires to be a similar transformative force.

On the other hand, some IX elements do not quite align with the analogy of a river. While the internet is digital, it also has an organic component, the essence of human interaction, or "networking.” This networking can be likened to a train terminal station. As many routes converge, people gather, and when people gather, it draws more people to the location. Through this process, places of interaction like shopping malls and residential areas are born. A similar dynamism exists in IX, where new gatherings are spontaneously created as people converge. Unlike in nature, the true architect of the internet remains human.

IX also differs from the flow of water in terms of bidirectionality. Sources like content providers disseminate data, but the consumer side also transmits data that reaches across the world. This process is akin to the irregular movements of people at a terminal station. Well-capitalized developers systematically and rationally construct terminal stations, but various players build the world of the internet. These actors sometimes collaborate and sometimes conflict in a process far from "systematic and rational." We believe this is one of the most distinctive aspects of the internet.

During internal discussions, many analogies beyond rivers and terminal stations emerged. Festivals, markets, matchmaking, whirlpools, hands, stars... each concept contains some elements that aptly describe IX and some aspects that do not. JPNAP is unique because it is a place where people who find such discussions intriguing gather.