Service Concept

JPNAP (Japan Network Access Point) offers high-quality IX (Internet Exchange) services characterized by redundancy, low latency, and a high operational rate. It constantly incorporates the latest technology, leading the industry with innovations like redundancy through optical switches, minimized downtime (to the level of tens of milliseconds), and commercialization of 400Gb Ethernet connections. We call this comfortable internet because we guarantee that everyone can access it easily anytime, anywhere.
JPNAP continues to contribute to the global internet through IX.

why jpnap

  • Stable Operational Rate


    As an infrastructure-supported network, we focus on stability. Our 99.99% operational rate demonstrates JPNAP's quality and reliability.

  • Largest Peak Traffic in Japan


    JPNAP is supported by a reliable backbone quality. We handle some of the largest traffic volumes in Japan.

  • Connecting to Diverse Networks


    A variety of domestic and international ISPs, CATV, CSP, CDN, and DC operators are connected to JPNAP.

  • Connection Points (POP) Spread Across Various Locations


    We have many connection points (POP) in five areas: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Sapporo. Please use the high-quality IX closest to your business. Even customers without POPs in Japan can connect to JPNAP through reselling partners.

  • Peering with Big Tech

    Many large-scale entities, also known as hyperscalers, are connected to JPNAP with high-capacity bandwidth. This is yet more proof of JPNAP's quality and reliability.

  • Record and Advancements Leading Japan's IX

    Achievements include:

    • Redundancy and minimized downtime through the first domestic introduction of optical switches.
    • Asia's first 100 Giga/400 Gigabit Ethernet connection.
    • The introduction of a modern design portal and visualization tools.

    We continue to take active initiatives for better service provision.

  • 24/7 Fault Reporting Service


    To continuously provide high-quality services, we support our customers around the clock throughout the year, even in the event of a failure. To avoid issues, we strictly monitor our systems and take urgent action during unforeseen incidents.

  • Service Activation and Failure Response by Technical Experts

    Our professional network engineers provide close support to our customers during connection activation and, of course, in the unlikely event of a failure.

Additional services to expand the usability of JPNAP.

  • "My.JPNAP" is exceptionally user-friendly.

    My.JPNAP is JPNAP's customer portal. It enables visualization and flexible configuration of information handled by JPNAP.

  • Discover Business Insights Using PeerWatcher.

    The traffic engineering service PeerWatcher collects, visualizes, and analyzes traffic flow information on JPNAP.

Optional Services

Comprehensive options tailored to customer needs.