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JPNAP stories

As a pioneer of IX services in Japan, JPNAP has played a crucial role in the infrastructure supporting the development of the Internet in Japan since its early days. Here is a sneak peek into the story of relentless pursuit of technology and trial and error behind it all.


"IX as a Private Enterprise" vs. "IX as a Public Service"

In Japan, for-profit organizations operate the IX business. However, private sector-led IX service is not the global standard. In many foreign countries, public entities run IX systems. Overseas, there's a history of membership-based IXs spreading with "democracy" as a core value. So, why are companies operating IX in Japan? The following factors contribute to this situation.

  1. Japan's first IX started within academic circles, but as the internet commercialized, providers desired corporate entities to define IX operational responsibilities clearly.
  2. Corporate entities also proved advantageous for pursuing high quality.
  3. The competition between multiple IX corporations led to improvements in service and pricing, resulting in both higher quality and more affordability.

Of course, non-profit models, as seen overseas, have their merits, such as a democratic structure involving member participation in decision-making. However, this can also lead to prolonged decision-making processes during disagreements.

It's fascinating how the IX business can look entirely different depending on the country or region. Human nature and local culture influence this diversity. The saying that the internet is both digital and analog might also explain this phenomenon.

What about JPNAP's culture? Although JPNAP operates as a for-profit entity, no member views IX solely as a revenue-generating venture. We see IX as a collaborative platform where providers come together to enhance the internet landscape. JPNAP aspires to contribute to the global internet community while always prioritizing this mission.