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As a pioneer of IX services in Japan, JPNAP has played a crucial role in the infrastructure supporting the development of the Internet in Japan since its early days. Here is a sneak peek into the story of relentless pursuit of technology and trial and error behind it all.


It’s not just anime: Japan's IX is gaining global attention

In the era before Japanese IX, businesses connected with each other via U.S. internet providers. Back then, they purchased transits from across the Pacific via submarine cables—a world of difference from today. Now, IX operators in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China are building massive networks. But the question is, what makes Japan's IX business stand out?

The first feature of Japan's IX is handling abundant and high-quality Japanese content. With a population of 120 million, Japan has a vast amount of data. As for quality, the anime content market is valued at 3 trillion yen*1, and the game content market has grown to over 2 trillion yen*2, each boasting a significant fan base overseas. International operators recognize the considerable advantage of connecting with Japanese content providers through Japan's IX.

The second feature of Japan's IX is the enduring high quality of Japanese products and services. Advanced and robust Japanese IX equipment pays meticulous attention to detail, enhancing the quality of the IX. With high speed, low latency, and redundancy that provides reliability and security, Japanese technology remains at the top. As mentioned in #1, the prowess of Japanese companies is evident in their ability to develop technologies, such as optical switches, that astonish other countries. A defining characteristic of the Japanese IX industry is its unwavering dedication to technology, which cannot be achieved overnight.

The third feature of Japan's IX is the nation's international standing and the minimal geopolitical risks associated with it, which positively impact the IX business. Stability is the essence of the internet business and the aspiration of technicians.

Traditionally, when speaking of Asian hubs, Hong Kong and Singapore were top of mind. However, with the world at a crossroads, what holds true today may not necessarily be the case in a decade. We wish to project the essence of Japan onto our IX business and garner global recognition.

*1 According to Teikoku Databank "Anime Production Market Trends Survey 2023"
*2 Based on Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories, Inc. "Famitsu Game White Paper 2022"