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JPNAP stories

As a pioneer of IX services in Japan, JPNAP has played a crucial role in the infrastructure supporting the development of the Internet in Japan since its early days. Here is a sneak peek into the story of relentless pursuit of technology and trial and error behind it all.


Is IX the Optimal Solution for Internet Connectivity?

IX is not the only definitive method for connecting networks. Our company, which began in the data center business, initially focused on having a network suitable for content-centric delivery. The name "Internet Multifeed" embodies our mission of providing networks for disseminating content.

As our data center business flourished, we decided to venture into IX due to the rising momentum in the domestic IX market and the low entry barriers, such as minimal initial investments. As data centers expanded, they became economies of scale, and financial strength became increasingly important. However, massive capital-intensive infrastructures are not a prerequisite for improving the internet for its users. The driving motivation behind promoting the IX business is a profound desire to improve internet connectivity and enhance internet quality. This purpose forms the bedrock of our operations. The nimbleness and flexibility of IX resonate with the culture of tech professionals, a factor that has contributed to its exponential growth.

Within the context of IX agility and freedom, JPNAP enjoys a culture of adopting cutting-edge technologies. Examples include the optical switches mentioned previously and 100Gb and 400Gb Ethernet, which JPNAP introduced to the Japanese market. JPNAP is not just renowned for technical specifications but also for the user-friendliness of its customer portal, which allows clients to check their connection status. The free-spirited nature of the IX industry has enabled JPNAP to evolve with both innovation and convenience.

JPNAP is brimming with excitement for the future of the internet and the collective joy of building it. JPNAP engineers share an undeniable passion for the IX business and firmly believe that IX is the optimal solution for internet connectivity.