Optional IX Services

PI/CUG Service

Utilizes VLAN (Virtual LAN) technology to enable secure, dedicated traffic exchange with only one or multiple members in a logical space separate from public space. PI (Private Interconnect) can be used as a direct connection between two parties, and CUG (Closed Users Group) can be used for traffic exchange among three or more parties.

RouteFEED Service

Route server which is provided by JPNAP. It enables "multilateral peering (MLP)" that can automatically create peers among members who use the service without bilateral peering negotiation. Secure route filtering referring IRR or RPKI and Looking Glass are also be enabled.

JPNAP Tokyo Connection Service

Remote connection service from JPNAP Fukuoka or JPNAP Sendai to JPNAP Tokyo. It also enables to use the optional services provided in JPNAP Tokyo.

Optional services in cooperation with partners

Content Cache Connection Service type A

Traffic distribution service from cache servers in JPNAP which are provided by Akamai Technologies, Inc.
※ You would need to use RouteFEED service in order to use this option.