Who We Are

JPNAP stories

As a pioneer of IX services in Japan, JPNAP has played a crucial role in the infrastructure supporting the development of the Internet in Japan since its early days. Here is a sneak peek into the story of relentless pursuit of technology and trial and error behind it all.

  1. Bringing the finest quality, shaped by our customers'
    voices, to the world.

    "JPNAP has been very precise. Even if there’s downtime, it only lasts a few hours at most, right?"
    This is a frequent question raised during customer meetings regarding the optical switch developed by JPNAP...

  2. It’s not just anime: Japan's IX is gaining
    global attention

    In the era before Japanese IX, businesses connected with each other via U.S. internet providers. Back then, they purchased transits from across the Pacific via submarine cables—a world of difference from today. Now, IX operators in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China are building massive networks...

  3. Is IX the Optimal Solution for Internet Connectivity?

    IX is not the only definitive method for connecting networks. Our company, which began in the data center business, initially focused on having a network suitable for content-centric delivery. The name "Internet Multifeed" embodies our mission of providing networks for disseminating content....

  4. What is IX? "River Flow" or "Matchmaking"?

    JPNAP's website uses a river as its motif. Streams from various sources merge, becoming thicker and gathering in one place before branching out with increasing vigor to flow into daily lives. This metaphor is symbolic of how JPNAP visualizes the data flow it handles...

  5. "IX as a Private Enterprise" vs. "IX as a Public Service"

    In Japan, for-profit organizations operate the IX business. However, private sector-led IX service is not the global standard. In many foreign countries, public entities run IX systems. Overseas, there's a history of membership-based IXs spreading with "democracy" as a core value...