The traffic engineering service PeerWatcher collects, visualizes, and analyzes traffic flow information on JPNAP.

  • PeerWatcher provides various traffic analysis functions for a comprehensive understanding of the network's status.
  • It enables the discovery of new business insights such as network optimization and quality improvement for transit cost reduction and enhances security.


Multifaceted Traffic Analysis

Gain insights through various aspects like AS, IP, country, VLAN, CDN, etc.

The Content Cache Dashboard allows you to measure the effects of content caching on your own.


Network Optimization

Utilize information on Origin AS and Peer AS to identify potential peering candidates on IX, which can help reduce transit costs.


Enhanced Security

Identify traffic that may be susceptible to DDoS attacks.

Use in conjunction with our RTBH (Remote Triggered Black Hole) filtering feature for DDoS prevention and daily operations support.