My.JPNAP is JPNAP's customer portal. It enables visualization and flexible configuration of information handled by JPNAP.


  • Provides a variety of functions on the portal 24/7.
  • Through multiple rounds of usability testing, improvements have been made to UI operability to enjoy a comfortable experience with intuitive, user-focused UI/UX design.


  • Confirm, register, change, and delete customer information and contacts.
  • Register email addresses to the mailing list.
  • Request to unsubscribe from monitoring.
  • Confirm the customer's resource status and traffic.
  • Display a list of peering contacts.
  • Set route control per AS/IP.
  • Set route filters.
  • Looking Glass function that allows for the monitoring of route reception status on route servers.

Confirm the customer's resource status and traffic.

Set route filters.